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Matt 19:16-22  

A man, apparently wealthy, addressing Jesus as “Good Teacher”, asks Him what good deed he could do to obtain eternal life. He had everything he could buy, but eternal life was beyond his buying power.   

  Jesus asks the man why he is asking Him about what is “Good” that One is Good- God by implication and then names off the commandments pertaining to man’s relationship with man including the second greatest commandment, which is “to love your neighbor as you love yourself”. At this point the rich man claims to have done all of these. Now Jesus tells him that if he would be perfect he must sell all that he has, give the money to the poor and “Come follow Me!”  

   Sadly the rich man was unable to see how worthless his many possesions and wealth were compared to the eternal offering of Christ. The rich man walked away sorrowful!   

   It turns out he really could not afford eternal life.  


Can you?  




March 28, 2010 


God’s Theonomy: Led by the Spirit, Ruled from Within 


Joe Robinson 


As long as it is day and God would have us preach the Gospel of reconciliation to all men everywhere.  

When that day ends God will establish His Theonomic Rule.  

While I am not antinomian (see “Is Salvation Conditional?“) I do believe that we cannot force Salvation or enforce righteousness on men, especially those outside the Church (see 1 Cor. 5:9-13). God did not create man as robots and does not want man to obey laws because they must, or to live a facade of holiness. Presently God’s intent is to restore His image in believers, through the regenerating and renewing power of His Spirit through Christ’s atoning work.  

This is not to say until He comes that we do not call things as they are, otherwise there could be no word of reconciliation. What God calls a thing is what we call it. What God is against we are against. When we take action we do what Jesus would, how Jesus would. We have the mind of Christ, what we need more of is His compassion, His servants heart.  

“For what the Law could not do, weak as it was through the flesh, God did: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh” Romans 8:3  

When that Gospel of Peace is preached, God will act and lives will change. When all the earth is filled with the Glory of the Lord there will be no need for laws. We will by our regenerate nature be holy.  

When a man is born “from above ” (born again) as stated in John 3:3, he then begins to be changed from within and has a new nature which is not only able but even desires to obey God. It is the declared will of God that all men be saved but whether they are is not up to us. Our responsibility as Ambassadors of Christ in this world is to preach the Cross as the Word of reconciliation. The way is narrow it is true but not hard when we are yoked to Jesus, the Christ of God who bore our sorrows. In my article “Is Salvation Conditional” I listed the “Conditional” statements pertaining to salvation. Rather than saying salvation is conditional perhaps it would be more appropriate to re emphasize the “IF” statements as the fruit of salvation. “IF” we are “born from above” then these statements will either be true of us or not. True if they are positive affirmations of the fruits of God’s Spirit evidencing His regenerating work, not true of us if they are negative revealing that which has no place in the life of those “Born from above”. .  

There are other factors too, injunctions of Christ which are also the result of the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. Things like being perfect, as our Father in heaven, is perfect especially as that nature is merciful and compassionate.  

According to Jesus there will be some surprises when He separates the ” sheep from the goats” The “when did we ever” statements paint for us a picture of many who did not expect His approval but got it and many who expected it but were rejected! Couple that with ALL His teachings and statements and I think we can make a pretty good guess as to who will be, if I may use so mild a term here, “disappointed”.  

Does legalistic, judgmental, unloving, proud, unforgiving, self righteous, Pharisee sound right?  

Yes; even though the Pharisees were a Jewish sect I think the appellation translates well in Christianity. See the analysis on the Article  The Publican and the Pharisee 






There is an amusing misquote of this verse that goes like this;

And Jesus said unto them, “And whom do you say that I am?” They replied, “You are the eschatological manifestation of the ground of our being, the ontological foundation of the context of our very selfhood revealed.” …And Jesus replied “What???” anon

 While that little blurb is amusing it is also serious. First it demonstrates the real corruption that has crept into Christianity in the guise of empty philosophy and radical liberal influences over the past 200 years. Secondly, confusing who Christ is has led the modern Church into a materialism that has brought about a certain physical comfortableness that has brought us to the point of apathy in our primary mandate from the Lord. We’ve become so insulated from anything that is painful or uncomfortable that we can no longer wage spiritual warfare or bring relief to others in distress.

We might write a relatively insignificant check to others to fight the good fight for us but we will not get involved ourselves or spend too much on what we perceive to be welfare Christianity.

Jesus asked “Who do YOU say I am?”

Peter’s answer was “You are the Christ! The Son of the living God.” In other words “You are the Anointed Messiah! The Son of God.”
All Christians confess this but strangely many act as though Christ is the Saviour but their jobs and their line of credit is their source of supply for material needs.
If we believe that Christ is the anointed Son of the living God then we should know that it is He and He alone who gives us power to get wealth and if we are not using that wealth to further His Kingdom on this earth then we are denying our confession. Did you get that? If you deny your Christian confession you are denying Him.
When Jesus said that He stands at the door and knocks, He meant that if we open that door and He enters, then He possesses us. If we are His possession then all we have is His.

If Christ dwells in us then His love dwells in us. How did He manifest His love?

1.He gave His life for His friends
2.He went about doing good.
3.Healing all who believed of their sickness
4.Bringing deliverance to the afflicted and possessed and,
5.Preaching the glad tidings of the appearance of the Kingdom of God.

Paul said we should examine ourselves to see whether we are actually in the faith. Here is where we start that examination. How are we living up to Christ example of love and compassion? Is our Confession real? Does how we spend our time and our money substantiate that?

God or Mammon?

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Character

When the widow gave up to God her last few “mites” Jesus commended her she gave her all while those much more prosperous gave only what was necessary for appearances sake. “Where your treasure is your heart will be” was one of Jesus’ most pointed sayings.

God don’t need the money-but we need to give up all our treasure to him for our own good. If we don’t we are not really all in, perhaps we don’t really believe in Christ as Savior and Lord at all if we need our treasure more than we need Him.

Paul wrote “Examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith” 2 Corinthians 13:5

Are you?

Brotherly Love

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Character

In the Book of Acts we are told that those who had much shared with those who had little and that there was no lack within the Christian Community. We are also told that it was noted among unbelievers how much those who followed Christ loved one another because of characteristics of that nature.

Also the early Church Community were gladly sharing the gospel with the surrounding culture bringing salvation to many and swelling the ranks of believers, transforming lives from selfish self-centered existence to generous and giving Christlike believers.

This service to Christ resulted in their own growth and maturity in Christ and ultimately brought about the radical change of the Roman world.

Is there a message and a lesson for the 21st century Church here?

All In!

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Character, religion

As for me, may I never boast about anything except the Cross of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Because of That Cross my interest in this world has been crucified and my flesh is dying. Not only that but even this world’s interest in me has also died! All that matters now is that I be transformed into the New Creation God has always intended me to be. May God’s peace and mercy be on all who live by this principle; I and they are God’s new people, chosen in eternity.
 Galatians 6:14, 15b, 16

Joe Robinson

Faith in action is where God brings about His will, and because all acts of God bring God glory and gladness to those who love God the Acts of God will usually be present in the lives of His Servants. Those who serve others in Christ’s Name are the Servants of Christ.

Some think that to be God’s servant is to be esteemed among men-well groomed and well dressed-honored-sought after—-but really-most likely we will find the Servants of God in obscurity with the poor and the lost and the outcast, serving them in the Name of God for the sake of His Eternally beloved Son.

Joe Robinson