Worthy Organizations

  “…and Jesus replied, as you did it to the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.”
  As Christians it is our duty to be generous towards God’s household and especially those carrying the message of truth and working towards the transformation of Lives in Christ’s image. Because of this I present these Christian Organizations who are standing on the front line of the battle for the Gospel of Christ and the lives and eternal Salvation of humankind.
The Organizations listed here are on the frontline of service in the Kingdom of God in this world. They are stellar in their leadership and in their integrity. I hope you will check them out.
 The Anchorage in Albany
   The Anchorage is a Biblically based drug and alchohol recovery program that accepts men whose lives are bound in addiction but who are looking for freedom. This program is offered at no charge and includes room and board and training in Christian living and successfully living clean and sober.
  The program is offered in 2 stages. The first stage is a rigourous four month program where the client is immersed in the Word of God, given one on one intensively analytical & corrective drug, alchohol, lifestyle and world view training with the Clinical Director, a retired Army Sargent Major who is the recipient of numerous Awards and Medals of recognition from the Armed Forces as well as a Masters Degree in Addiction Counseling. The Program is based on the 12 Step  Alchoholics Anonymous Program with a heavy emphasis on the need for God’s grace and power to be free from substance addiction as well as living Godly lives.
  The client is also required to attend two Bible study classes a day where the foundation for their new life is laid for their future sobriey and hopefully spiritual growth.
  As the Executive Director, Kenny Phillips say’s, “the Anchorage has a 100% success rate”. And he’s right, every client is equipped in every way to live successful, sober, upright Christian lives when they leave.
  The second stage is an optional six month extension where the client, now in aftercare, recieves additional time to study, grow in spiritual maturity and begin to practice the principles they have learned.  The client is expected,  to find work when possible during this time as they begin to live the lifestyle they have learned. The work is a part of living free but is never the primary goal, which is always to practice the Christian principles that please God, He’ll take care of the rest.
As mentioned already The Anchorage is free to those in need but has an operating cost of $25,000 a month which pays for food, electricity, gas for vans, water and other normal operations. Can you help? Ask the Lord.
  You can visit the Anchorage website HERE where you can input any contribution God puts on your heart.
By the way, I was a client there- tell them hi for me and that Joe say’s “God Bless!”


Georgia Right to Life
I’ve known Daniel Becker, the President of Georgia Right to Life for 37 years. He has always been God’s man and has stood on the firing line in a variety of bitter struggles against unrighteousness. The following is an excerpt from a letter Dan wrote to a fellow opponent of abortion. Follow this link to read the complete letter.

The letter begins:
Brother Benham,
I really enjoyed our fellowship around the Lord Jesus and the authority of his Word this morning. I look forward to meeting you and spending sometime with you this month. I want you to know that I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as you have articulated it regarding the Church and the Pro-life Movement as a whole. I was one of several Federal candidates in the year 1992 that used our Federal candidacy to force the TV stations to show clips of aborted fetuses from first, second and third trimester abortions. I became the first Federal candidate in US history to have my free speech censored  using “prior restraint”. My case went to the Supreme Ct and was remanded to the Appealate court where I was granted victory establshing the right of any Federal pro-life candidate to air anything they wish and the TV stations MUST air it.
Your “Strategy to End Abortion” says, “When we stand steadfastly on God’s Word, God Himself incrementally brings us the victory!” Amen, AMEN and AMEEENNNN!!!!! Please take a moment to understand that this is NOT our premise,  it is OUR TESTIMONY of God’s faithfulness toward Georgia once we REPENTED (turned away from our incremental compromises). Please read our testimony from the WorldNet Daily article which illustrates why we are currently the ONLY National Right to Life affiliate which has exercised repentance and SEEN the mighty hand of God “fight our battles for us.”

Our repentance as an organization was a three step process: 1. We had to repent of allowing human reason to occupy the same standing as the authority of God’s Word. 2. We had to repent of politically attempting to be a “kingmaker” and “powerbroker” instead of a “Standard-bearer”. As a Standard-bearer we examined God’s word and found that we fell short. We repented of allowing “Rape and Incest” as an acceptable cost to getting “pro-life” legislators elected and legislation passed. 3. After seeing God’s mighty power working on our behalf, we then repented of our  approach to passing “incremental” legislation (Woman’s Right to Know, waiting period, etc.) Today our board has voted to promote only a single legislative agenda that would be a total abortion ban at a statute level, combined with a Human Life Amendment at a constitutional level.

To visit the GRTL website click on link below



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